Our History

It all started in 1997 when Steve Plut and Slav Brkic were both independent consultants at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) Steve was the application architect and Slav was the lead developer for the new Access Front End system, a product designed to change the way order flow was accepted by the TSE. 


1998 - Incorporation
Steve and Slav incorporated Integrated Transaction Systems Limited in 1998 and developed their first product, a STAMP client which was sold to the TSE for internal testing.  ITS was also retained as consultants for the next year to assist with the development of both an order management system and automated trade reporting systems to the TSE.


2000 - Contract for KTA Workstation
In 1999/2000, ITS built a certified STAMP gateway and was contracted by Kasten Chase to provide the STAMP Gateway and all other back back-end software including market-by-x, top-of-book and feed readers that were required for Kasten Chase to launch its KTA Workstation in the Canadian Marketplace.


2002 - Expansion into FIX Gateways, strong relationship developed with large broker/dealers
ITS then proceeded to enhance their STAMP Gateway and built various FIX Gateways which were licensed by several large broker/dealers to support their DMA business. The strong relationship that developed between  ITS and these large broker/dealers led to various contracts for custom products to assist the broker/dealers in managing their sponsored access and equity trading business.


2005 – Development of Smart Order Routing and Trading Workstations
In 2005, the Canadian marketplace was changing with the introduction of Alternative Trading Systems and ITS was approached by two ATS marketplaces to assist with allowing brokers to route to their marketplaces. ITS worked closely with these two marketplaces on solutions which resulted finally in the launch of the ITS Smart Order Router (SOR) in 2007, a product that accepted a broker’s order flow and routed it to the best market for execution. The ITS SOR was the first product launched in Canada to allow brokers to route to best markets and meet their regulatory requirements for best-market execution. The ITS SOR was subsequently used by most large Canadian broker/dealers to assist them in meeting their regulatory requirements.


During this time, ITS also decided the time was right to directly enter the workstation business building on the strength of their SOR and existing market access products. ITS TraderLite and TraderLite GUI were built in 2006.


2007 – Launch of ITS Online, a fully hosted service bureau for the ITS SOR and Trading Workstations
The decision to launch the ITS Smart Order Router and trading workstations led to a change in the ITS business model. ITS Online was incorporated in 2006 as a Service Bureau providing SOR and Trading Workstations as a fully hosted service.


ITS Online has steadily grown its business every year since 2006 to assist broker/dealers with the changing landscape in Canada including the addition of various marketplaces and the growth of the HFT/sponsored access business. At various times in our history, between 30-50% of participating organizations of the TMX have been using ITS solutions to perform order execution.

Executive Bios

Operations Team

Meet our Operations & Support Team


The ITS Operations & Support Team has over 85 years of experience in Equity Trading.   We pride ourselves on our real-time support and quick turnaround time.  Our staff is available via phone from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm EDT. We can also be reached at any time via email at support@itsys.ca.  ITS takes pride in ensuring you get the solutions you need as quickly as possible