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2011 was an exciting year for Integrated Transaction Systems / ITS Online


Toronto, Canada. February 16, 2012 – 2011 was an exciting year for Integrated Transaction Systems / ITS Online. We continued to innovate to add new features and upgrades to our solution offerings. We appreciate much of the feedback and suggestions we get from our customers and encourage you to continue to contact us with your comments.


We are in the final development stages and beta testing with several new initiatives. We will be demonstrating many of these initiatives at the CSTA Winter Vendor Fair at the Design Exchange on February 23rd, 2012. Admission is free so we encourage you to stop by the ITS booth to talk to us and see some of these exciting new upgrades to our solutions.



  • Gen 3 DMA ITS upgraded to our 3rd Generation DMA in late 2011 and it is currently in production trials on a limited basis with very positive feedback. Gen 3 has decreased the DMA processing latency by more than 50%. This upgrade will be applied to ALL of our production DMA Convert Engines through Q1/Q2 of 2012.
  • Additional Marketplaces Both TMX Select and SIGMA X Canada were added as available marketplaces to the ITS SOR in 2011 bringing the total number of marketplaces accessible through the ITS SOR to 11.
  • Risk Management - Limit and Fat Finger Check ITS has embedded the first phase of its patent pending risk-management algorithm into its DMA and SOR Engines providing “fat-finger checking” of orders based on a broker’s pre-defined risk parameters. This feature is currently in its final testing with a beta customer and should be available by the end of April, 2012 for all customers.


ITS Trading Workstations (TraderLite and TraderLiteGUI)

  • Charting Real-time charting will be available on both the ITS TraderLite and TraderLite GUI workstations by the end of April, 2012. This feature will allow users to select a symbol and various parameters on how they would like the stock symbol activity to be graphed. This feature will be available to full-function trading workstations with no increase in the monthly price.
  • Net house Capability Net House summaries will be available on the ITS workstations by the end of March, 2012. This feature will be available to full-function trading workstations with no increase in the monthly price.
  • Capability to CFO orders entered using a different STAMP ID for disaster recovery Firms who use ITS Workstations as “backup” now have the capability to CFO and manage orders that were entered through another vendor’s workstation for disaster recovery.


Compliance Reports Available

  • Opening & Closing Market Movement Reports ITS is now providing reports showing market-moving activity on both TSX and CDX markets prior to market open or within 15 minutes of market close for compliance purposes. These reports are provided once per day.
  • MOC Open Orders Reports showing all open Market On Close (MOC) orders entered prior to 3:40 can now be produced and e-mailed multiple times during the day.


ITS Supervisor – a NEW Supervisory and Compliance Solution

ITS is proud to announce the imminent release of ITS Supervisor, a new compliance and supervisory solution that will allow head traders, compliance officers or trader/dealer executives the opportunity to monitor their firm’s trading in real-time. This tool will be a separate browser-based tool that will be available by April 30th, 2012. Features of this tool will include:

  • Market Replay Step through the activity around any stock after selecting a window of time you are interested in seeing.
  • Profit & Loss Supervisor Monitor your traders’ positions during the trading day. This tool does NOT require your traders to be using ITS Trading Workstations, we’ll monitor all of your traders no matter what workstations they’re using.


Our future plan for this product is to allow broker/dealers to use this tool to set their own risk management parameters for the ITS SOR (whether it is a DMA connection or being used by traders on ITS trading workstations). Supervisors and compliance personnel will be able to set tolerances for “fat-finger checks”, “limit checks” and total daily dollar volume using this tool.


In closing, we’d like to say thank you for your feedback which led to most of these initiatives. We hope they will be of value to your business in the next year and we look forward to working with you as we release them into production. Please stop by our booth at the CSTA Winter Vendor Fair on February 23rd, 2012 to get more information and see the solutions in action. If you need more information on any of these features, please feel free to e-mail or call 416-233-3961 x0 and ask to speak to either David Allan or Karen Loughlin. Please also feel free to call or e-mail me directly with any comments or feedback.


Thank you


Steve Plut

Managing Director, ITS/ ITS Online