ITS Celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2013


Toronto, Canada. February 19, 2013 – ITS is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2013. Since its incorporation in 1998, ITS has grown its business every year for the past 15 years by providing innovation solutions to the Canadian Capital Markets industry. 


To celebrate, we are sponsoring the bar at the CSTA Vendor Fair so please join us for a drink.   


CSTA 2013 Annual Winter Vendor Fair

Design Exchange

234 Bay Street, 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario CANADA

2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cocktail Reception from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Sponsored by ITS)



We will be showcasing a variety of our solution offerings at the show, demonstrating some of the new features that are hilighted below. We encourage you to stop by to talk to our team and provide your comments and feedback.


ITS OrderGuard for Pre-Trade Risk Management

  • ITS OrderGuard Inspection Engine The ITS OrderGuard Inspection Engine provides pre-trade inspection for order flow through ITS/ITS Online systems. The ITS OrderGuard inspection engine is being embedded into all existing ITS SORs (including workstations using the ITS SOR) and will be available to ITS SOR customers AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  • ITS OrderGuard Management Workstation The ITS OrderGuard Management Workstation is available for customers to manage their OrderGuard Inspection Engines and monitor their order flow for their entire book (including order flow not going through ITS systems).


ITS Trading Workstations (TraderLite and TraderLiteGUI)

  • Certification with TSX Lava SOR ITS Trading workstations have been certified with the TSX Lava SOR for customers who require this route to the marketplaces.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) ITS Trading workstations now include an application programming interface that is available for programmers or algorithm developers to use.
  • Baskets ITS Trading Workstations are now enabled for basket order entry. Users can create "baskets" using MS-Excel with multiple buy and sell orders.
  • Split Orders Users of ITS Trading Workstations can now split the volume of a single order between various marketplaces. Once entered a random volume amount is assigned and these orders are managed by the regular outstanding order display.
  • Enhanced Ticker Options The ticker screen on the ITS Trading Workstations now has multiple options to create the most useful ticker for each trader.
  • RT Participation Market Makers can now define volume limits for RT Participation.
  • Pre-Trade Inspection ITS Trading workstations are available with the ITS OrderGuard Inspection Engine (embedded in the ITS SOR) for pre-trade inspections.
  • Other Features Feel free to ask us about any other standard features of our workstations including charting, net house capabilities, SME tag functionality or backup workstation pricing.


ITS Smart Order Router

  • Compression Capability The ITS SOR is available with a trade compression feature to create one order ticket for multiple fills on smart routed orders. The current implementation of this feature compresses multiple fills(a) across multiple price levels within each marketplace, AND (b) across multiple price levels across multiple marketplaces.
  • Pre-trade inspection ITS SORs will include the ITS OrderGuard Inspection Engine which provides pre-trade inspection for all orders through the SOR. The ITS OrderGuard inspection enginewill be available to ITS SOR customers AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.


ITS Supervisor – Profit/Loss Supervisor & Market Replay

  • Profit & Loss Supervisor   Monitor your traders’ positions during the trading day. This tool is available free with at least 3 ITS workstations. However, this tool does NOT require your traders to be using ITS Trading Workstations. It will monitor all of your traders no matter what workstations they’re using.
  • Market Replay Step through the activity around any stock after selecting a window of time you are interested in seeing.


Join us!

In closing, we’d like to say thank you for your business and your feedback which helps us improve all of our offerings. Please stop by our booth at the CSTA Winter Vendor Fair on February 21st, 2013 to get more information, see our solution offerings and join us in a drink.


If you need more information on any of these features, please feel free to e-mail or call 416-233-3961 x0 and ask to speak to either David Allan or Karen Loughlin. Please also feel free to call or e-mail me directly with any comments or feedback.


Thank you


Steve Plut

Managing Director, ITS/ ITS Online