Slav Brkic

Director of Development & Co-Founder


Slav Brkic leads and directs all application development for ITS and ITS Online.

Slav has 35 years of experience in design, development and project management of real time, transaction, and client/server distributed systems.  He has 18 years of experience building mission critical systems for the securities and financial industry in Canada.    Slav has an Electrical Engineering degree from Belgrade University specializing in data processing. 


Slav spent three and a half years as a consultant with the Toronto Stock Exchange in the 1990s.  During this time, Slav

  • designed and implemented a TSE broadcast feed decryption (DES 64 bit) and distribution system;
  • designed an Order Management Workstation subsystem;
  • designed a trading gateway for CATS, TOREX and Options trading engines on Tandem;
  • participated in the development of the STAMP protocol;
  • developed the main protocol library for the Tandem and UNIX environments;
  • and published application notes for usage of DES, MD5 and B64 algorithms in the STAMP protocol.


Prior to founding ITS, Slav also spent a year as a consultant at a major Canadian bank.   During this year, he designed and developed a Unix application for daily calculation of a value at risk in foreign exchange trading and developed the reporting subsystem design for online credit risk management.


In 1998, Slav co-founded Integrated Transaction Systems Ltd.