Other ITS Solutions

White Label Workstation
Broker/Dealers who wish to re-brand the ITS TraderLite or TraderLite GUI workstations under their own brand can use a white-label workstation.    This workstation can be configured to route all orders through the broker’s order management system to support risk management and exposure limits.


Direct Market Access (DMA) Solutions
ITS provides various Direct Market Access solutions to large brokers who wish to provide very high-speed direct access to Canadian Marketplaces to clients operating under sponsored broker agreements.


Market data Feeds & NBBO Feeds
Broker/Dealers who wish to receive a consolidated or combined data feed of all marketplaces can request this solution from ITS.    We can provide both market data or National Best Bid & Offer (NBBO) feeds.


Consolidated Dropcopy of Fills or Orders
Broker/dealers who wish to be able to see all their fills or full orders executed under their broker ID during a trading day receive a consolidated dropcopy from ITS that is built during the trading day.    After markets close, the broker/dealer has a complete list of all fills or orders executed by clients operating under their sponsored broker agreements.  


Generic or customized reports
Various reports are available to broker/dealers including;

  • Fills/Orders Report for small broker/dealers who do not wish to have a dropcopy connection
  • Anonymous Reports showing all trades executed on exchanges under anonymous ids
  • Market on Close Reports capturing activity from the MOC session
  • Movers & Shakers Reports showing customizable information. For example, one report shows the 10 stock symbols with the highest volume traded across all Canadian marketplaces