ITS TraderLite GUI Workstation

The ITS TraderLite GUI workstation is one of two trading workstations offered by ITS. It is Windows-based display for traders who prefer a point and click interface.


ITS TraderLite GUI benefits include:

  • High Performance
  • Low system footprint
  • US Market Data & US Order entry capability
  • Buddy Trading Capability
  • Registered Trader functionality
  • Auto-failover Capabilities
  • Redundant Facilities for high-availability
  • Sold at a price point that makes ITS workstations cost-effective as backup workstations. Backup Workstations can now CFO orders entered from another vendor’s workstation.
  • Ticketless trading available using PositionWatch™


All ITS Trading Workstations are integrated with the market-leading ITS Hybrid SOR to provide high-performance trading across all Canadian marketplaces.



TraderLite GUI users can choose what displays they would like on their screen at any time

  • A keyboard or point-and-click order entry screen is provided
  • Integrated or Individual Exchange market depth displays are available
  • P&L and Supervisory P&L screens can be setup to display positions
  • A MOC Imbalance screen is able to display all symbols in MOC imbalance in one screen
  • The SMART CROSS display allows users to enter cross details and see visible interference before executing the cross. The offsetting bypass order is automatically calculated and sent with the cross after user verification. Sequence numbers of all feeds are recorded along with the time the edit response was displayed on the screen before executing the order for audit purposes.
  • NEW in 2012 » Real time charting and Net House summaries available as shown below.



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