ITS Online Ltd.

High Performance Trading Solutions since 1998

Direct Market Access

Smart Order Routers, Market Data Feeds

High-Performance, High-Availability, Pre-Trade Risk included.

Trading Workstations

Smart Order Routing & Pre-Trade Risk Included

Registered trader workstations and Investment Advisor solutions available.

Management & Compliance

Manage Risk, Manage Regulatory requirements

We have a full suite of tools and reports for small to large brokerage firms.

We provide the tools and connectivity to manage your business on Canada's equity markets.

Let us help you maximize your business.

We provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!


ITS Online Announcements & News

ITS Online Services & Apache Log4J vulnerability

In response to the reported vulnerability in versions of the Apache Software Log4J Java library, ITS Online has reviewed all service offerings to ensure our services can […]

ITS SOR Changes for MATCHNow migration to CBOE platform

ITS Online is currently working on the changes required to the ITS SOR and network connectivity to connect to the new CBOE platform that will be used […]

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