ITS SOR Changes for MATCHNow migration to CBOE platform

ITS Online is currently working on the changes required to the ITS SOR and network connectivity to connect to the new CBOE platform that will be used by MATCHNow as of February 1st, 2022. 

ITS Online intends to certify with MATCHNow and upgrade all ITS SORs by February 1st, 2022 with the MATCHNow core functionality.   The core functionality to be provided for ITS SORs will be:

  • seek dark sweep liquidity on CBOE platform on all trades configured to check the MATCHNow CBOE platform and,
  • provide booking functionality for passive liquidity providing orders to the MATCHNow CBOE platform.

Please note that since ITS Online intends to complete certification with MATCHNow on their CBOE platform, customers using the ITS SOR do not need to perform individual certification.    However, customers are responsible for ensuring they have any agreements that are required to access and trade on MATCHNow.